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Kris Fox & Matt Cordova Heading to Australia

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Feb 172017

SE Bikes shredders Kris Fox and Matt Cordova are both heading off to Sydney, Australia at in a couple days to ride the first stop of the “Vans BMX Pro Cup”. Keep on the lookout for these two!

Goin' Way Way Back... New OG SE Colors!

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Feb 162017

WHAAAAAAAAAAT!? Red & yellow? YUP! These were the team colors back in 1977! Check out the old-school photo of Stompin’ Stu Thomsen for proof. And seeing as 2017 marks our 40 Year Anniversary (aka #40yearsofradness), we took it all the way back to the old school! Keep an eye out this weekend at the Winter Nationals and for the rest of the year for the entire SE Racing team to be rocking the OG SE colors! And if case you are wondering, that’s Alex Miramontes looking fresh in the new OG SE threads!

Make it Yours!

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Feb 152017

Slice em, Dice em, stick em! However you want to customize your appearance, we got your back! We love seeing everyone’s originality, so keep it coming! Thanks for the share @lirasport.

Matt Cordova Radness!

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Feb 142017

Matt Cordova can make anything on two wheels look good. Peep him here CRANKING a lookback down in San Diego. Matt has been filming for a new project, so keep on the lookout! Photo by Nathan Sykes.

A Couple of OG's!

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Feb 132017

OG #1 & OG #2! Perry Kramer kickin’ it with Todd Lyons this weekend. And yes, Perry is the PK of PK Ripper! And check out that custom Pabst Blue Ribbon OM Flyer! FRESH!

Big Bikes on Deck

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Feb 102017

@bikelife_sazon_ has the OM-Duro and the Big Ripper on deck and ready to attack the streets! The two bikes are BEASTS! They can handle anything and everything thrown at them.

Fat Ripper Handles Everything!

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Feb 092017

Twisted700 isn’t worried about a little bit of snow! Chain the tires up and geta’ move on! The Fat Ripper can handle it if you can…


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Feb 082017

How’s this for a wild combination! Marshawn “BEASTMODE” Lynch, Skittles, and the Fat Ripper! Oh yeah, and in front of a castle in Scotland! Need to see the hilarious video again? Peep the top of our home page!

Hot off the Philly Press!

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Feb 072017

Have you ever heard our saying “Ride a bike, it will take you places”!? Well apparently @oneway_corey is. Peep him making headlines in the Philadelphia newspaper… shred on!

Fresh Colors!

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Feb 062017

Whatchou know about the SE Racing team colors back in 1977!? That’s right! Before the blue, brown, and tan, it was all about the red and yellow! And seeing as 2017 is the brand’s 40-Year Anniversary aka #40yearsofradness, we’re taking it back to the old school. Alex Miramontes ran a sneak peek of the uniform last weekend at the USABMX in nationals in Kentucky, and the rest of the team will be sporting the new OG colors next weekend at the Nationals in Phoenix. Can you dig it!? Rad photo by USABMX.